I am excited to share that my artwork has achieved Associate Status (AFCA) with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

I find myself reflecting on when I first applied to be a member of the FCA back in 2007. My rejection letter said not to contact the FCA to find out why I was rejected and try again later. I found this frustrating at the time, as I was eager to improve my work and get feedback. Simply being told “No, because we said so” in the letter made me re-group and focus on painting because I love to paint, not to paint to prove myself to a jury.

Eventually five years later I became a member after networking with artists, and then four years later (after being juried into 7 separate FCA gallery shows and focusing on my portfolio) I have my first level of signature status and can write “AFCA” beside my name. I am proud to achieve the status, but also glad I had the learning experience of the initial ‘no’. There is a lot of no’s to endure as an artist (and in life), most often without explanation – it makes the yes’s that much better! In hindsight, I appreciate the process.


FCA gallery

As a result of the AFCA status, 3 of my original paintings from the portfolio that I presented to the jury will be on display in the “Success!” show at the Federation Gallery Mar 15-27 with opening night March 17. http://artists.ca/show/success_2016/0

See you Thursday night!

Joanne Signature Feb 2012



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