Last week I traveled through the provinces of Emilia Romagna & Marche in Italy. Here are the pages of my sketchbook inspired by what I saw.

Page #1 – First stop after landing in Italy I went to Piazza Maggiore in Bologna

Page #2 – Home base at Hotel Belvedere in Riccione Italy

Page #3 – I biked over to Rimini and took in the Tempio Malatestiano built around 1450 by the Malatesta Family. Today it houses artwork & Frescos by Italian painter Giotto

Page #4 – Saturday was market day in Rimini! A sketch to document the hustle of the day. Watched the wind blow over flags as I painted

Page #5 – Enjoyed a Campari Spritz while sketching the old fish market… which is now transformed into a colourful flower market in Rimini

Page #6 – Explored Cervia on a Sunday morning. Sitting beside a church, I listened to the choir songs and ate my take-away chocolate cornetto. Perfect morning.

Page #7 – The Gran Fondo Cycling Event was going on during my trip. Cheered the cyclists on and sketched them too!

Page #8 – Headed south to the hilltop town of Gradara in the province of Marche. After visiting the castle exhibition showcasing the story of Paolo & Francesca I sat in the city entrance and sketched.

Page #9 – Prior to visiting the hometown of Raphael, Urbino, I sketched the city from the south view. The benefit of driving is I can pull over on the side of the road and experience the view.

Page #10 – Lunch time in Urbino, sat in a cafe with my Campari and Piadina outside the Palace & cathedral.

Page #11 –The sign said no photos in Raphael’s house (the lady at the desk said “no flash”) but it did not say no painting! Sat on Raphael’s balcony and painted the neighbours homes. I wonder if he every sketched near is home?

Page #12 – Back to Rimini as I did not go see the Roman Bridge built in 12AD. Impressive it still stands after enduring significant attacks during World War II.

Page #13 –Lunch break in Rimini. Rushed to do a sketch while waiting for my pizza to come to the table. 4 minutes to paint!

Page #14 – Marina’s home in Spadarolo. A beautiful villa overlooking the rolling hillsides of Italy. What a place to have a gourmet barbeque! As I painted the large group of Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride cyclists arrived.

Page #15 – Headed East to San Leo. A gorgeous town with a castle perched on a cliff.

Page #16 – Castles on cliff’s edge… I watched the sun set over San Leo. What a beautiful scene to take in.

Page #17 – Wandering Ravenna. The first Byzantine Church we visited was San Appollinare Nuovo. Waiting for the school groups to go in made a great moment to sketch. My pillar is short one set of windows…

Page #18 – There were chairs in the Bapistry of Neon in Ravenna, so I grabbed one and attempted to document the mosaic’d ceiling. What a site to take in.

Page #19 – Visiting i Muretti Farm for some wine tasting, lunch and sketching. I was told I can come back with painters to paint the stars in the evening. Definitely 2 items on my bucket-list — both to come back to Emilia Romagna with painters and to paint the quiet evenings here.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures in Italy. If you are interested in joining me in 2018 on the same trip you can find out more information here.



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