Joanne Hastie

Joanne Hastie is a Canadian painter based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. She paints landscapes and cityscapes using acrylic paint and glazes on canvas and paper.

Artist Statement

I paint my current surroundings in the present moment. I layer deliberate, large brush strokes to evoke the feeling of a familiar location. The colors and light from a cityscape or landscape inspire me. I hope to bring the viewer to the present moment with these images. We spend significant time dwelling in the past or worried about the future. I strive to be in the moment and bring people to the present by painting the world around me.

My formal training is in business and engineering. In business, one is constantly negotiating the past and future, using the past to assess future risks and propositions – it is never in the present. In engineering; estimates, theories and calculations collected from our senses are used to predict future outcomes.

The constant improvement required in both fields makes me long to paint and immersing myself in present moment.

Current projects

My paintings of cityscapes and landscapes connects with people and their memories. This has inspired me to work on a project create new memories from past Canadian artists.

Recently I’ve been using painting to cross disciplines into engineering I am investigating a process to automate painting using robotics.

CV of Joanne Hastie

Joanne Hastie (b. 1982 Ottawa ON) |

Solo Exhibitions

2016                 Around Corners, Unitarian Church of Vancouver     Vancouver, Canada

2014                 Current Works, Lost + Found Café    Vancouver, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2018                    13 Feet Off the Ground, Luppolo Brewery    Vancouver, Canada

2017                    13 Feet Off to Sicily, Main Space Gallery    Vancouver, Canada

2016                    Voyages, Il Museo, The Italian Cultural Centre    Vancouver, Canada

2015                    The Great Vancouver Art Heist, MINBID Gallery    Edmonton, Canada

2014                    City Life, Ferry Gallery Buildings    Vancouver, Canada

Selected Juried Shows

2017               Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, Winsor Gallery    Vancouver, Canada

2016               Success! (Juried), Canadian Federation of Artists     Vancouver, Canada

2015               Landscape Show (Juried), Canadian Federation of Artists   Vancouver, Canada

2015               Artist’s Choice (Juried), Canadian Federation of Artists    Vancouver, Canada

2015               Visionary, RAW Natural Born Artists    Vancouver, Canada



Automobili Lamborghini ACSL

Okanagan Ice Wine Festival

Simon Fraser University

Sotheby’s Realty, Sun Peaks BC


2017                   “La Pineta”   Graniti Murales, Outdoor 20’ x 27’    Graniti, Italy

2014                  “Valle d’Alcantara”  Graniti Murales, Outdoor 24’ x 11’    Graniti, Italy

1997                  Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Indoor 24’ x 8’    Ottawa, Canada

1997                  Corel Centre YMCA, Indoor 8’ x 12’    Ottawa, Canada


2017                    Graniti Murales    Graniti, Italy

2014                    Graniti Murales    Graniti, Italy


2014 – 16          MINBID Gallery    Edmonton, AB Canada

2007 – 08          Clarus Galleries    Toronto, ON Canada

2006 – 14          Tree Line Studios    Sun Peaks, BC Canada


2011              MBA, Management of Tech, Simon Fraser University   Vancouver, Canada

2006             BASc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo  Waterloo, Canada


2016                   Associate Signature Status, Canadian Federation of Artists

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