Prototypes is series of abstract works on paper created using a robotic arm. For me, prototypes means taking risks and testing assumptions. If it fails… well, it was just a “prototype” and there was budget and permission to fail.

This project is a risk as it is a departure from the cityscapes paintings that I am known for. An experiment in abstract expressionism. It has opened up my painting process to layering different mediums and brush strokes. I am trying charcoals and oil pastels to add more textures to the abstracts. I am inspired by abstract expressionists who create big and loose artworks and artists who are mixing together multiple mediums. I am programming my brushwork & artistic process that I have developed over the past decade but applying it to abstracts.

Here is what “we’ve” created so far…


  • Prototype I

  • Prototype II

  • Prototype III

  • Prototype IV

  • Prototype IX

  • Prototype V

  • Prototype VI

  • Prototype VII

  • Prototype VIII

  • Prototype X

  • Prototype XI

  • Prototype XII

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