In December 2014, I attended a three week Art Residency in Graniti Sicily. During my stay I was to paint a mural in the town. Here is the story of the project:

The final mural in Graniti Sicily – December 2014.


The final mural in Graniti Sicily – December 2014.

Here is a bit more information about the project and the process:

Before I started painting, I got to know Graniti and even painted the wall where my mural would soon be.


I went on numerous adventures around Graniti before creating a proposal. You could not miss seeing me going out for a run in my neon pink jacket and all the Sicilian dogs barking at me!!! I was most inspired by the views around Graniti with the olive trees, citrus trees, mountains, volcano, sea …. it was stunning. (Photo: Joanne Hastie)

I decided to bring this scenery of the Valle Dell’Alcantara into the city. I created a small proposal painting for the wall and presented it at City Hall in Graniti. (Painting: Acrylic paint on paper)

Then I painted, and Painted, and painted…..

and painted…

and painted…

Until it was finished….

At the end of my art residency we had a party to inaugurate the mural. It was so much fun to have a gathering with all the kind people of Graniti that I met over the past month. I even felt confident enough to do my speech in Italian! Thank you again to Graniti for the opportunity to spend time in your beautiful town.

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