This past weekend I had a booth at the Market (Il Mercato) at the Italian Cultural Centre of Vancouver.

It was a gorgeous summer evening spending time talking about my art. I was showing my small original paintings of Italy and my small original paintings of Vancouver. These paintings created immediate conversation starters with people of where they have traveled to and where they aspire to go. I was thrilled that many people recognized my art from the show I did at Il Centro 6 months earlier.

Joanne Hastie at the August 2017 Il Mercato at the Italian Cultural Centre of Vancouver


Being an Italian Market the majority of tents were yummy food vendors. Naturally the conversations were also about Italian food – I was even given tips where to buy the best imported olives from Sicily in Vancouver. I also was able to shop buying local limoncello made in Squamish and some unique olive oil creations. The vibe was fun with a DJ playing Italian music and people dancing. Brad and I had arancini and cannoli for dinner too… reminding us of our Sicilian adventures October last year.

Writing this post was stalled as I’ve been digging through my archive photos to properly tell this story… But unfortunately my photos from 2006 are MIA at the moment. I’ve even dug through my social media to find them (turns out my early artistic adventures were before Facebook and social). When putting this booth together I decided to go back to my roots and use the same tablecloth I had 11 years ago at my very first market, as well as wear the same skirt. Nostalgia at its finest! It has been a fun 11 year adventure of showing my art work. Thank you for following it!




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