Coffee is not memorable because it is a daily habit. However, when I took up sketching in a travel notebook last October, daily moments have become etched in my memory. Sketching forces the brain to assess and understand the details of the surroundings, one becomes more attentive and in turn remembers the moments. I even remember individual cups of coffee I have had.

Here are the most memorable coffees I’ve sipped over the past 6 months:

7. Coffee in Chinatown Vancouver

Having a coffee in Chinatown in Vancouver – scouting cityscape scenes to paint for the Chinese New Year show.

6. Americano in Batards on Fraser Street, Vancouver

A coffee and a chocolate croissant sitting in Batards Bakery on Fraser Street in Vancouver

5. Take Away Coffee in Cervia, Italy

Sipping a take-away coffee and eating a chocolate croissant while waiting for the group to finish cycling the Selle Italia GranFondo in Cervia, Italy this past April

4. Gene Coffee in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

A coffee and a sketch before meeting my 2017 Thrive Mastermind group at the Gene Studios on Main Street. I even remember that it was decaf!


3. Starbucks off Renfrew in Vancouver

Sketching in the Starbucks off Renfrew in Vancouver before doing a talk at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre at the “Voyages” group show

2. Just down the street in North Vancouver

Sketching in Starbucks in North Vancouver

1. Doppio Espresso in Modica, Sicily

My very first watercolor sketch was in Modica Sicily while sipping my morning espresso


I was only able to start consistently sketching when my painting tools could conveniently fit into my purse so I could carry them with me and be ready to paint with convenience.

Please share your coffee sipping sketches with me – by commenting on the post or emailing me

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