I am back from my art residency in Sicily. Now with moments to reflect back on my experience to document some of the adventures and thoughts.

There was a moment that truly took my breath away on the 3rd day in Graniti, Sicily when got up early to hike the Umbrella Pine trees above the town known as “La Pineta”. Here are a few of my photos I took on the hike that later inspired my 2017 Graniti Mural: “La Pineta”.




When I reached the clearing in the fourth picture the view opened up to a sweeping view of both the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. From this spot I was able to see down to Syracuse the south-east corner of Sicily. A distance my iphone camera could not capture.

The road you can see camera right is my usual running route when I am in Graniti with stunning views that I have painted in the past and inspired my first mural in Graniti in 2014. Being in a viewpoint above that area took my breath away.

I have been asked about the blocks on the bottom of my mural and what they are. They are actually the retaining wall along the hike through the Pineta Trees. Both the trees were planted and the retaining walls were installed to prevent avalanches onto the town of Graniti. The walls can be seen in the photo below. Based on the sign as you walk into the area an avalanche in the mid 1800s almost reached the town so preventative measures were taken. In the image below Vancouver artists Melanie Ellery and Angela Gooliaff joined me on my second visit to the pine trees at sunrise.

More stories from my travels to come. To see both of my murals in Graniti: click here.



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