Each week I add more complexity to the robotic painting project. It has been fun as I can leave the robot painting while I work on my own paintings (the ones I do myself by hand). This weekend I achieved several strides, which gave me so many more ideas… All previous paintings that I’ve created with the robot, the robot cleaned the brush between colours; sometimes even letting the paint dry before starting the next color depending on the layer and the colour. This ensured the painting had the vibrant colours I expected with the colours I selected.

Today I decided to take a stab at colour mixing. I am glad I first tried this by hand (see photo) as I realized there are a few mannerisms I do to mix the paint on the paper that I wouldn’t have thought to add to the robot motions. Even watching the robot mix colours on the paper made me realize I can make it even better. In the meantime, here is the outcomes of my first stab at colour mixing.


My colour mixing page done by hand. I decided to start with fewer colours for the robot.


The Robot mixing the paint on the page


The final painting created by the robot.

Stay tuned for a redo of this one with my tweaks.Β To see all of my robotic paintings follow my Painting Variables project on Instagram.




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