With my robotic arm project, ‘Painting Variables’, I keep getting asked to share videos of the process. I thought it might be fun as a first example to attempt to do an “Aquatic” Paint-by-Numbers. I have been focused on making the brushstrokes more organic which lends itself to “impressionistic-abstract” paintings and definitely not something accurate like paint by numbers.

Of course, not having created a YouTube video in awhile, while I was  recording this video my camera ran out of batteries then my 32GB SD card stopped writing because it was full. So I missed recording the robot painting the light blue paint. To save your time, I cut out the section where the robotic arm waits for each layer of paint to dry (~6min), you are actually watching it paint 12x its normal speed! Most paintings on my instagram feed take over 5 hours to paint.

But regardless of my excuses… here is my first video of the robot painting:


I look forward to your questions and comments 🙂

Thanks for watching.

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