There was a mistake in my code. However, I think the results were rather… artistic. When working on my color mixing software as mentioned in my previous color mixing post, I separated the sub-routines for cleaning the brush and dipping the brush into a new color. This means they now have to be activated separately when I am writing the code.

When I went to do my next painting, I failed to turn on the code for brush cleaning. I went for a run outside leaving the robot unsupervised… I came back to find a mess of thick black paint. The brush was collecting more and more paint and not cleaning itself!

I stopped the program and re-ran the same random brush stroke set painting with the cleaning routine added back into the code. It is interesting that not only did the color change, but the width of the brush stroke changed as well. Which makes sense as a brush behaves much differently when fully loaded with paint or just the tip. I always find myself appreciating a brush so much more after I worked it in a little bit. Looks like the robot does too.

Check out the very different results of the same painting below….


Painting no 25 – acrylic on paper – without brush cleaning


Painting no 25 – acrylic on paper – code fixed with brush cleaning


Which one do you prefer?



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