For so many reasons. Let me try to articulate a few…

I have been painting as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of finger-paints or coloring books. I have always been drawn to the process, there is story happening while I paint as the colors come together to create a scene or a pattern on the canvas.

Painting in my home studio in Vancouver


I have an absurd ability to focus when I am painting. I completely forget to take breaks and time passes quickly. Hours pass by while I am painting and I realize I haven’t taken a break yet. I ignore the world around me when I am painting.

Painting in my home studio in Vancouver


Likewise, I paint because of the adventures it has taken me on. I have met and become friends with amazing people through painting and visited new places that are now part of my life story.

Talking to a passerby about my art at the Art Fair, RAW, in Vancouver in 2014


Collective of Vancouver artists I have traveled with and made live long friends with: 13 Feet Off The Ground


Another reason I paint is because the next painting always poses a new challenge and new ideas. Whether it is a 27 foot tall mural in a foreign land like Sicily or a commission of Iceland. I am always inspired by the next painting.  There will never be enough time for all the paintings I want to do.

Me painting the sunset at the medieval town of San Leo in Italy


Painting my second 27′ tall mural in Sicily in 2017


Thanks for the letting me share my love of painting with you. What do you love to do?




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