I am excited to share that my artwork is featured by Google in their #SearchOn Stories!

The Google team reached out earlier this year to find out more about my art and how I incorporate Machine Learning and their open-source software tools TensorFlow into my process. Even just getting an inquiry from the tech giant, fueled my motivation to keep going on my work combining tech and art.

If you are not on Instagram here are a few screenshots of the post with my artwork from August 2019:

They also created an Instagram story. Just before the content disappeared (it disappears after 24 hours), I took a screen-shot video of it. It was an interesting process to work with a team and see how they interpreted my work into a succinct idea:

#SearchOn Story by Google about Joanne Hastie’s painting process

In the last slide you can see me painting 2 images. Below are the final paintings. I had painted these specifically for the story. I had thought if I was going to be featured let’s paint some larger bold ones!

“Lipstick 1.7626%” and “Joystick 11.9137%”:

Alright back to the studio to work on the next idea. (As per the post – including a mural painting robot!)

Have a great day!

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