Lightning Artist Talk

I’ve been looking forward to the NeurIPS conference all year as soon as I found out it would be here in Vancouver. In the past 3 years there has been a Creativity Workshop focused on how A.I. is being used in artistic endeavors. I was also excited to meet other artists that work in this domain merging their art with tech.

Earlier this week I was asked to do a 5-minute artist lightning talk when one of the invited speakers was unable to make it. I chose to talk about how I incorporate classifiers into my latest work with robots. It was a challenge to summarize 2 years of work into 5 minutes!

You can find my talk on SlidesLive at the 24:15 mark (or in the embedded video below at 24:15 or Segment 32 “Painting With Robots”). It was actually Yann LeCun who was also unable to make it… So the video segment starts with impersonations of him.

*Photo of my speaking by Mariya Yao (@thinkmariya)

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