A drive through Sicily with sketches from 1943

In a previous post I mentioned my deep dive into the Canadian War Art Program. My reading and research was leading up to an art residency in Sicily with 13 Feet off the Ground last fall. The art residency itself was focused on painting murals in Graniti, but I did a...

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The Umbrella Pine Tree Hike in Graniti

I am back from my art residency in Sicily. Now with moments to reflect back on my experience to document some of the adventures and thoughts. There was a moment that truly took my breath away on the 3rd day in Graniti, Sicily when got up early to hike the Umbrella...

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Flipping the process – going small

This weekend I went small for an upcoming show on September 23, 2017. Normally I paint small studies on paper… then go big on canvas! This weekend I worked on a small piece from one of my biggest ideas for an upcoming show. This weekend the group: 13 Feet of the...

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Il Mercato in Vancouver

This past weekend I had a booth at the Market (Il Mercato) at the Italian Cultural Centre of Vancouver. It was a gorgeous summer evening spending time talking about my art. I was showing my small original paintings of Italy and my small original paintings of...

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Smoky views in Vancouver for the SeaWheeze

Tomorrow I run the lululemon SeaWheeze (a local Vancouver half-marathon running event). I've been so focused on painting in every spare moment this summer, I had hoped that signing up for the SeaWheeze back in November would keep me in running shape all summer....

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Blue Angels, Gum Wall & the Seattle Art Fair

This past weekend's wandering of Seattle included Blue Angels, the Gum Wall and the Seattle Art Fair... Yes, even the Blue Angel F-18 Hornets were circling downtown.     The visit was a much different context than the last time I was in Seattle, which has me...

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