Starting this again

Starting this again

By Joanne Hastie

Starting this again

Restarting my blog after years of hesitation

I've had a blog on my website over the years in fits and starts. The challenge always being consistency and finding content. My career, mostly working as a Research and Development Engineer, had contracts that included confidentiality, ownership of ideas and conflict of interest statements. They stated I must disclose all business interactions. And although painting does not compete with engineering work (except when I was working on painting robots - but that is another blog post) it always felt uncomfortable to promote my side hustle.

And although I do not plan to write about any intellectual property in this blog. I found that any thoughts I have even on ideas, brainstorming, thought process, productivity, and similar felt like I could not share it since it also helped me in my day job. Likewise I wanted to be careful posting opinions. Blogs are easy to procrastinate. They are important but not urgent. So procrastination always set in.

Since last month I have been a full time artist. My ideas are all mine now and I have control! I also started a weekly email newsletter. This newsletter has been a consistent weekly letter that goes out on Thursdays since the end of December 2021. Writing them I noticed is that often I am excited by the content, however unless you are one of 395 people who are signed up for my newsletter, you will not receive it.

Likewise I'd much prefer to write longer form, which is not appropriate for email. But if I write longer form here I can lead people from my newsletter into my blog. Pretty much every email I have written ends up being about 2 pages long and then I trim and cut to one idea and half a page. On a blog I can include it all or get several blog posts from work!!

Likewise a blog also sets expectations for the newsletter (you know what you are letting into your email) so it is easier to sign up AND the newsletter brings you to the blog.

I am so excited to share: my inspiration, my process, my struggles, my productivity hacks... and hopefully some painting!

Thank you in advance for following my work.



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