Geometric Abstract
Joanne Hastie 2020 original
Acrylic on Panel
9" x 12"

This painting is part of a series of work that I am creating as I develop code to paint alongside a robotic arm.

This Painting is the 7th painting in the series and due to a bug in the code, some of the shapes were unexpectedly placed when the robot was painting. So the composition was different than I had anticipated. This painting led me to do significant review and debugging of my logic and code. A video showing the process of this painting can be found on my YouTube channel here.

Before painting, I seal the panel with gesso so it won't absorb the paint. After painting, I finish the artwork with matte varnish so the colors are visible without glare from every angle. Once the painting is purchased I will mount the painting onto raised panel with wire and hardware. The painting will be signed and dated on the back.