Paintings that capture the forest sunlight

For the past year, I have been making time to get on my mountain bike and ride the North Vancouver mountains. I want to bring that feeling of freedom & adventure in nature into your space.

Bring the feeling of hiking and mountain biking into your home.
Your walls will inspire you to get back outside again & again.

Hi, I'm Joanne

I am excited to share my forest paintings with you. I have always made time to both paint and ride my bike.

Since the pandemic, I have been mostly riding alone practicing the same trail loop on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. Likewise, in my art practice, I am honing my skill of painting the light between the trees. As this year progressed & became chaotic, including moving homes, I loved having to these two practices enjoying both calm and adventure.

I hope this work brings that feeling of adventure and freedom you feel when enjoying the North Vancouver mountains.

Paintings & Prints

Painting the light

As the collection 'Forest Light' progressed, I continually made time to go to the trails, which inspired more paintings.


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From the studio (and the trails)