Along the Seine

Along the Seine

I am inspired to paint when I am in the French capital. This painting features the essence that I love about wandering the streets of Paris. The grays and blue of the big historic buildings in contrast with the red awnings and bright warm coloured lights from the cafes. This painting makes me want to go have an espresso and pain-au-chocolat at a small cafe… hopefully soon!

Joanne Hastie original
Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 48″ (1.5″ thick stretched canvas)



  • Siwash Rock heading North

  • Summertime on Robson

  • Dundarave Stroll

  • Lionsgate Bridge in January

  • It’s Raining

  • Venice Gondoliers

  • Little Window

  • Railspur District

  • Tower View

  • Granville Market

  • Around the Corner

  • Cordova & Seymore

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