GAN Cityscape (no. 02) – SOLD

This brightly colored Italian style cityscape painting was inspired by my travels through Italy and Europe... but there is a twist. An AI twist!

This painting is the second cityscape that I painted from photographs generated from AI algorithms (wGAN + cycleGAN) from my own travel photos. Using hundreds of my European travel images, I created familiar street scapes in the vein of using two different types of GANs. The painting will be shipped with the AI generated photograph that I used as reference.

Joanne Hastie original art
Acrylic on Canvas
16″ x 16″ (1.5" deep)
Unframed, ready to hang



This is not a place… It is actually many places.

Each painting is a merging of over 14,000 of my travel photos over the past decade that I then process using an algorithm known as a GAN. The GAN generates new images based on the existing ones.  Using thousands of my European travel images I created familiar urban scenes in the vein of using two types of GANs (wGAN & cycleGAN).

Because the algorithm only is statistically processing the pixels to make similar images – it does not take into account the content of the image. Because of this, things we interpret as road, doors, windows and foliage are familiar … but not quite right. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to work from the generated images to paint a more abstract cityscape.

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