GAN Cityscape (no. 03)

This brightly colored Italian style cityscape painting was inspired by my travels through Italy and Europe... but there is a twist. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) twist.

I painted this from photographs generated from AI algorithms (wGAN + cycleGAN) from my own travel photos. Using hundreds of my European travel images, I created familiar street-scapes in the vein of using two different types of GANs. The scenes are familiar at first glance but on further examination, things don't make sense. Windows are in strange places, roads and doors don't align and shapes that look like human figures are just blobs. I hope these are as much fun to look at as they are to paint.

The painting will be shipped with the AI generated photograph that I used as reference.

Joanne Hastie original art
Acrylic on Canvas
20″ x 20″ (1.5" deep)
Unframed, ready to hang

Available - contact Joanne to inquire about this painting.


In stock


This is not a place… It is actually many places.

Each painting is a merging of over 14,000 of my travel photos over the past decade that I then process using an algorithm known as a GAN. The GAN generates new images based on the existing ones.  Using thousands of my European travel images I created familiar urban scenes in the vein of using two types of GANs (wGAN & cycleGAN).

Because the algorithm only is statistically processing the pixels to make similar images – it does not take into account the content of the image. Because of this, things we interpret as road, doors, windows and foliage are familiar … but not quite right. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to work from the generated images to paint a more abstract cityscape.

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