Geometric Abstract no. 05 – SOLD

Geometric Abstract
Joanne Hastie 2020 original
Acrylic on Panel
9" x 12"

This painting is part of a series of work that I am creating as I develop code to paint alongside a robotic arm.

This Painting is the 5th painting in the series and was a painting that went along with the previous work. The video sharing the process of this painting can be found on my YouTube channel here.

Before painting, I seal the panel with gesso so it won't absorb the paint. I varnish the painting with matte varnish so the colors are visible without glare from every angle. Once the painting is purchased I will mount the painting onto raised panel with wire and hardware. The painting will be signed and dated on the back.



I wrote Python code to collage geometric shapes to generate painting compositions. I then use an image classifier to rank the compositions based on my preferences.

I am now developing on code to paint these compositions in a semi-autonomous process alongside a robotic arm. Each week I improve the code and release a YouTube video of my latest updates. You can follow along with my entire , weekly development process here.


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