Painting no. 229

Robot Painting no. 229
Original Painting 2019
Acrylic on Paper
Painted by hand + a robotic arm
signed on the front and back, ships in a plastic sleeve

*Note: this painting was painted during the Collisions Festival at the Vivo Media Arts Centre in Vancouver. Sometimes performance art doesn't go as expected and the brush collided with the water station and created a red blob in the upper right corner.

9" x 12"

Available - contact Joanne to inquire about this painting.


In stock

I use a desktop robotic arm to make spontaneous, colorful abstracts. Some of the brush strokes are mine, but most are by the robot arm. With each painting I tweak the code, continuously train the algorithm and create more art!

Every painting is unique using the computer’s random number generation and machine learning algorithms to find the best compositions & colour combinations. 

The paintings are on 9″x12″ heavyweight watercolor paper and ready to frame. 

You can see more of my daily robot paintings by clicking below.

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