Shipping Container

“Shipping Container” (confidence = 2.701%)
Joanne Hastie original 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 36″

This light blue and navy abstract painting was created as part of my machine learning research. I am painting abstract paintings by hand while writing software to generate and classify paintings. It was interesting for me to see how an idea transferred from digital medium to a painting. After I finished this painting, I used an AI classifier to guess what this abstract painting could be. Of all the objects it classified the painting as I decided Shipping Container was the most fitting.

After painting this abstract by hand, I loaded the image into TensorFlow Image Classifier. Here is what the Machine Learning software classified the painting to be:
Inception v3 score:
stretcher (score = 0.08762)
crane (score = 0.05359)
bell cote, bell cot (score = 0.05011)
container ship, containership, container vessel (score = 0.02701)
harvester, reaper (score = 0.02556)


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