Still Life, no. 03

Still Life no. 03
Joanne Hastie original 2019
Acrylic on paper
9" x 7"

Available - contact Joanne to inquire about this painting.

I use code to generate the still lifes and then process it with an AI algorithm (cycleGAN) that was first trained on Matisse paintings, but slowly retrained the algorithm with my own paintings as I build my own dataset of work. Similar how an artist learns from the master and the develops her own style. All of these pieces were hand painted.


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I wrote Python code to collage and generate compositions of still lifes on a flat surface. I then trained a GAN on Matisse still life paintings to make the flat compositions look more painterly. Over time I included my paintings in the training dataset. Much like an artists learns from the master by copying paintings to then develop her own style, I am using the GAN as a tool to develop my own painting style and incorporate ideas from masters at the same time.

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