Envelope 85.422%
Joanne Hastie original
Acrylic on Paper

11.75" x 16.5"


This abstract painting on paper was created as part of my Machine Learning Abstract Series. I am painting abstract paintings by hand while using Python code and TensorFlow algorithms to generate the compositions. After painting this geometric abstract by hand and not intending it to represent an object, I loaded the image into an artificial intelligence algorithm I use to title the paintings. Of all the potential objects the painting could represent including carton, washbasin and binder, I selected ‘Envelope’ as the title, the confidence score is the probability from the algorithm that it could be that object.

Inception v3 results:
envelope (confidence 85.422%)
web site, website, internet site, site (confidence 4.106357%)
carton (confidence 1.5356097%)
washbasin, handbasin, washbowl, lavabo, wash-hand basin (confidence 0.41590207%)
binder, ring-binder (confidence 0.36979087%)