Joanne Hastie original
Acrylic on Paper
22" x 28"


This bright yellow and orange abstract painting on paper was created as part of my Machine Learning Abstract Series. I am painting abstract paintings by hand while using Python and TensorFlow software to generate the composition. After painting this geometric abstract by hand and not intending it to represent an object. I loaded the image into an artificial intelligence algorithm I use to title the painting (I am using TensorFlow Image Classifier). Of all the potential objects the painting could represent, I selected 'Envelope' as the title, the confidence score is the probability from the algorithm that it could be that object.

Inception v3 results
envelope (confidence 47.282758%)
web site, website, internet site, site (confidence 29.577282%)
maze, labyrinth (confidence 5.1924724%)
book jacket, dust cover, dust jacket, dust wrapper (confidence 1.0068568%)
shield, buckler (confidence 0.9149268%)