Website 1.836%
Joanne Hastie original
Acrylic on Paper

7" x 7" (on 12" x 12" paper)

This red ad turquoise colored abstract painting on paper was created as part of my Machine Learning Abstract Series. I am painting abstract paintings by hand while using Python code and TensorFlow algoithms to generate the compositions. After painting this geometric abstract and not intending it to represent an object, I loaded the image into an artificial intelligence algorithm I use to title the paintings. Of all the potential objects the painting could represent including Band Aid, Envelope, Maze and Church, I selected ‘Website’ as the title, the confidence score is the probability from the algorithm that it could be that object.

Inception v3 results:
Band Aid (score = 0.20476)
envelope (score = 0.09744)
maze, labyrinth (score = 0.03253)
web site, website, internet site, site (score = 0.01836)
church, church building (score = 0.01446)