Around Corners is a series of paintings of the places and spaces that I happen upon in my daily life that inspire me.

This work was shown during a solo exhibit of the same title in August 2016.


Around Corners is the play on words literally and figuratively, which contrast by time. In English, the phrase “Just around the corner” is used to inspire someone to believe things will get better and to expect things will improve in the future.

The works in Around Corners are cityscape scenes from street level & around corners that I have painted from my daily adventures over the past 3 years. Scenes that are often overlooked. However viewers cherish the memories when they recognize the place.

Perhaps the absurdity is that we long for the future of what’s figuratively “around the corner” & yet forget to enjoy what is actually around the corner.


  • Aquabus

  • Bologna at Dusk

  • Busy Street

  • Cafe Along the Seine

  • Castelmola Alley

  • Commercial Drive

  • Covered Parking

  • Downtown

  • Downtown

  • February in Gastown

  • Granville Market

  • Gray Afternoon

  • Lucca

  • Montmartre

  • Night in Bologna

  • Night Market

  • On the Phone

  • Piazza Maggiore

  • Rainy Evening

  • Red Umbrellas

  • Science World

  • Seattle Market

  • Shinjuku Lights

  • Sicily Alleyway

  • Snowy Ride

  • Summertime in the Market

  • Taormina Restaurants

  • Taormina Windows

  • The Orpheum

  • Time is Precious

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