I create unique pieces for specific projects that align with my art practice. I have done notable painting commissions for Simon Fraser University, City of Richmond, Lamborghini ACSL and Sotheby’s Real Estate as well as private painting commissions.

My most successful commission are of places I can visit and experience to take reference photographs or sketch on location to properly document the space. However, I can work from your photographs. Please contact me for more information and a quote regarding commissioned artwork. 

Below is my portfolio of commissioned work:


  • Canoes I

  • Canoes II

  • Chicago Evening

  • City Hall

  • Convocation Hall

  • Doolins Pub

  • False Creek

  • Gold Corp Centre for the Arts

  • Hastings & Hamilton

  • Othello Tunnels

  • Spring Garden

  • Trail Runner

  • VanDusen Gardens

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