ROBOT ABSTRACTS┬áis series of abstract paintings on paper created using a robotic arm.This project is an experiment in abstract expressionism. As a realism painter – painting familiar scenes of my travels, I have always admired abstract artists. It is ironic that using a machine has allowed me to go towards loose abstracts.

This series has opened up my painting process to layering different mediums and brush strokes. I am using charcoals and oil pastels to add more textures. I am inspired by abstract expressionists who create big and loose artworks and artists who are mixing together multiple mediums. I am breaking down and programming my artistic process that I have developed over the past decade but applying it to abstracts. This series of paintings will be on display at the 2018 East Side Culture Crawl, my studio will be open to the public November 15-18, 2018.


  • Prototype I

  • Prototype II

  • Prototype III

  • Prototype IV

  • Prototype IX

  • Prototype V

  • Prototype VI

  • Prototype VII

  • Prototype VIII

  • Prototype X

  • Prototype XI

  • Prototype XII

  • Prototype XIII

  • Prototype XIV

  • Prototype XV

  • Prototype XVI

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