Hillside Shadows - Mount Fromme

Hillside Shadows - Mount Fromme

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The gravel road up Mount Fromme

Mount Fromme is one of the three mountains in North Vancouver with mountain bike trails.

Because Grouse Mountain, the popular ski hill, is next to Fromme Peak, I have a feeling that the public might not be as familiar with Fromme. I have this assumption because the first time I rode my bike on Fromme, back in 2007, I asked the bus driver what the closest stop was to the trail head while the bus was ascending Mountain Highway in Lynn Valley, he had no idea what Fromme was.

I learned that night that the yellow gate to enter the Mount Fromme trail network is the very end of Mountain Highway. The gravel road that switchbacks up the mountain to then connect to Grouse mountain is a continuation of Mountain Highway.

That first ride, since I was nervous of my location and missing my stop (this was before Google Maps on our phone), I got of the bus early and then had to ride up the last quarter of Mountain Highway on my 2006 Giant Reign. If you have ridden Mountain Highway on a full suspension bike, from then on you will better strategize getting to the trail head. I was exhausted but on time to my first NSride group ride.

Mount Fromme gravel road

Over the years, I have painted many forest views from the North Vancouver mountains. So I study the light a lot. The light is often best near a clearing. The road offers a man made clearing all the way up the mountain, so climbing the main gravel road up Fromme has inspired a number of paintings including Hillside Shadows.

I happened upon the exact view for the painting while I was hiking with 2-month-old Walter. I wanted an easy hike to get back into the forest and the main gravel road seemed perfect as it also had traffic on it - if for some reason we did get into trouble I can find help. Brad was also biking on the mountain, so it would also be easy for him to find me as he knew I was somewhere on the main road.

Sunshine views along the gravel road
Hiking the gravel road on Frome with my 2-month-old son

Painting inspired by the views along the gravel road

If you want to find this exact view, it is just before the 5th switchback looking up the mountain. The view is deceiving as you are looking up a steep grade and the trees look smaller than they really are. I admire the site every time I ride to the trails Expresso, Crickum Crankum and Seventh Secret.


Where is this spot on the mountain?

If you want a map of the exact location of this painting, you can download it here.


Art Print of Hillside Shadows

You can collect a print of this painting here.


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I hope the art inspires your next outdoor adventure.


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