Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased a print, when will it be shipped?

Prints are made to order. The speed of your print depends on paper vs. canvas. 

I do paper prints myself from my studio. I work on them twice weekly. Expect your print to go out within the weekly unless otherwise stated (i.e. if I am away from my studio).

Canvas prints are done at a local Burnaby Print Shop. Each print is printed then stretched then mounted then framed. This process takes 10-12 days. Expect your order to go out within 2 weeks.

Please email me if you need a specific timeframe and I will see if it is possible.


How do I buy your new painting you just posted. I cannot find a link!?

First off... Thank you! There is no greater compliment to an artist than living with their artwork.☺ I am full of gratitude to collectors, like you, who have made it possible for me to paint full time and hone my work further.

There is a bit of work between painting and posting a painting as a product for sale. Often in the moment, I am excited to share the artist journey BEFORE the painting is available. I release paintings in collections, which allows me to batch the process of preparing and documenting my work for sale. I created this page to better explain how collections work:

Collection Releases Explanation


Where can I see your work in person?

Currently I do not have a public location my work is displayed. Contact me via email to make an appointment at my home studio in New Westminster BC. Please let me know which painting(s) you are interested in so I can have them available on your visit.

My prints can be viewed at Artrageous Art framing in North Vancouver and very soon at a second location in North Vancouver...

If you are coming to see an original, I may need a bit of time to get your painting as I do have a storage unit for art so I will be going to pick up your piece out of storage. Likewise, I often don't varnish paintings until they leave my studio, so depending on your certainty to take home the painting, I may varnish the painting before your visit which will also require time to dry. 


Do you take on commissions?

At this time, I am not taking on commission projects. I will consider projects that are similar to my current body of work (North Vancouver & British Columbia trails). However I am very particular about the projects I take on. Please email me for consideration.


Can I pick up my print in Vancouver to avoid shipping costs?

Although I paint North Vancouver scenes... I actually live 26km away in New Westminster, BC. So if you are willing to drive out to New West, you can pick up. Email me to set up an appointment or simply select "pickup" when you are checking out on the website.



How do I frame my print?

There are so many ways to frame your print. Where do I start? Oh wait... I created some tutorials and recommendations all about framing here: Framing Tutorials


Wait, are you the same Joanne Hastie that does robot art?

Yes! That is me! It was getting confusing to merge my tech art with my landscape (more traditional) art. So I've moved my abstract work to a website called "Painting Variables". 

Can I buy your robot code?

Unfortunately no.

My code is not in a state to be sold as I upgrade & change it every painting based on the goal of the next art piece. Because I am a self-taught Python coder, I would not be comfortable for your safety using my code - just in case the robot, your tools or art supplies got damaged and especially if you were hurt using my code! Likewise I code the robot based on my painting process, so the code feels very personal to my artistic process. I'm happy to answer questions regarding my robot and the process but for the foreseeable future I am only selling artwork not the process.


Is your question not here?

Email me at, I look forward to hearing from you.