Some of you have been inquiring about my new paintings that I recently posted without any links to buy.

I’d like to share my production/sales process with you, so if you do see a newly painted artwork that you love, you can consider owning it. I currently release my paintings in collections.

Whenever I include a new painting in a newsletter or in a Facebook or Instagram post for the first time, I often get inquiries about purchasing it. But usually, it is not ready for purchase… hence there is no link to the painting to purchase… yet.


Producing art + running a business

I am the artist and the business owner

Since I represent my own art – I do both the creation, business development and the marketing.

Being creative is so much fun and my work is always evolving and improving – sometimes I am excited to share the artwork right away, other times I want to deliberate on it more before I share it.


Sharing the adventure in the moment

Since I want to share this creative adventure lifestyle with you – from biking in the trails to being inspired by a moment in the forest to me painting it. My enthusiasm for the work often peaks in that moment, and because of that I want to share as I go, in the moment.


Turning art into a 'product'

Turning a painting into a product listing on my website that you can buy, takes a bit of work. I do enjoy this work… but it does take time.

This process includes:

  • attaching hardware & varnishing the work
  • photography both for prints and for product listing
  • writing
  • pricing
  • posting
  • sharing (newsletter, social, web updates)
  • advertising
  • … then shipping paintings after they've sold

So, to make my time efficient (so I can prioritize painting), I batch release my paintings. The advantage for you is that if you are interested in purchasing a painting, you can choose your favorite artwork from a collection of 10-12 paintings rather than impulsively buying from a choice of one. Likewise, I can focus on my artistic craft as an artist and do much less selling since I only need to promote my work every 10 paintings. And in the meantime, I can focus on sharing the life of a painter in my newsletter and on social media.

I also realize the art buying cycle is a bit longer, you need time to think if you want to invest in the artwork and live with a painting. I have painted some work that finally found their forever home after several years!! So, if you see it on Instagram or in a Newsletter, you can calmly think about if for a few weeks before it is available for sale.

In all my collection releases, there has been 2-3 paintings that go in the first 30 minutes. Personally, I can’t imagine investing in art with such a short time frame or pressure. So, I hope this process makes it easier for both of us.


Previews will be in newsletter

So, if you sign-up to receive my newsletter, your will receive a preview link to the art a few days before I release the art for sale. Likewise, you will also get the time, date and links that the work will be available.




My process is subject to change

However, processes can change and develop – I will continually try to hone my collection release process. In the meantime, I hope this clarifies a bit, if you still have questions about collection releases, please email me at




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