If you would like to commission your own original painting. Below is some information about my process to create a custom painting(s) for you.

On this page I try to make sure you know what to expect. Commissioning a painting requires clear communication. The more information I have, the better I can meet your expectations of your custom art piece.

You can also see a selection of the commission work I have done here.

Please note: I am very particular about the images I work from. From over a decade of working from my images and client images, I know what works with my style, I will not accept projects that I know will not work with my painting process.

How to start:

Many of my works are commissioned art pieces, there are a variety of ways to go about the process. Here is a few ways clients have requested their painting:

  1. The client gives me a photo to work from.
  2. The client gives me multiple photos to work from and I select the photo I think I can paint the best.
  3. The client request a specific view or location but they do not have the photos. I go to the location (usually in the Vancouver area) and take photos to paint from.
  4. The client likes a specific painting I have already done and wants a similar original piece or of a specific size to go in their space. Most often I have multiple reference photos from a particular location when I work on a painting, so I am able to vary the size of a painting.


  1. Email me to start the discussion. 
  2. Once the image to paint and the details are agreed upon, I formalize it into a proposal that I email you by pdf, this includes: composition, size, timeline, price, delivery method.
  3. Deposit is paid.
  4. I start working on your painting.
  5. If I use your photos, I will request a photo release to allow me to use the artwork in my portfolio
  6. Most often I will not share the painting in progress, but I will give you timeline updates so you know that your painting is in progress.
  7. Sometimes the client wants to be surprised and see the painting in person. I will discuss with you ahead of time if to show you digital images of the finished painting OR if you want to wait to see the piece in-person.  


 If we move forward after initial discussion & proposal, I request a $200 CAD non-refundable deposit before I begin painting. I cannot imagine anyone not loving the art in their home, so if you are not satisfied with your final commission the deposit can go towards other original work on my site. The only time I have had a commission returned is when I agreed to paint a subject that did not work with my style. This is why I may turn down your project.


My paintings are acrylic paint on canvas or on paper. When the painting is complete I use an isolation gel coat followed by varnish (the sheen will be discussed in the proposal). I sign the front of the painting J.Hastie in paint and I sign, date and title the painting on the back.

Works on Canvas:

Canvas is most often mounted on 1.5" stretcher bars. I paint around the edges so the painting can be hung framed or unframed.
I paint on a variety of sizes of canvas. At this time I use standard size canvases. If you want a custom size, extra cost and time may be added to your project.

Works on Paper:

The paper I use is kraft-colored Stonehenge. This is a heavy weight paper that can hold acrylic paint and is acid free. I then mount the painting into mat board so it is ready to frame. Usually paintings on paper are under 12" x 16".


Painting Timeline:

My current estimated timeline is 12 weeks. This changes often based on your timeline as well as my work load. This timeline does not include shipping.

For some projects I paint a small sketch on paper before going big. These planning stages are critical for taking on larger canvas paintings. Thanks for your patience if I spend more time developing the artwork.



I wrap the painting in plastic, cardboard and bubble wrap. I use Canada Post to mail the paintings. I can also negotiate pick up based on your location. This can be negotiated in the proposal. Shipping timeline is not included in the painting timeline.


Material Size (in) Area (sq-in) 2023 Prices (CAD)*
Canvas 12 x 12 144  $ 1,200
Canvas 12 x 16 192  $ 1,300
Canvas 16 x 16 256  $ 1,500
Canvas 18 x 24 432  $ 1,900
Canvas 24 x 24 576  $ 2,300
Canvas 22 x 28 616  $ 2,500
Canvas 18 x 36 648  $ 2,500
Canvas 24 x 30 720 $ 2,700
Canvas 30 x 30 900  $ 3,100
Canvas 24 x 48 1152 $ 3,800
Canvas 30 x 40 1200 $ 3,900
Canvas 36 x 36 1296  $ 4,100
Canvas 36 x 48 1728  $ 5,300
Canvas 48 x 60 2880  $ 8,200

 *This price excludes taxes and shipping. All projects will have additional taxes and shipping charges based on project. 

Questions or comments:

If you have further questions or would like to start the process. Please email me: Joanne Hastie at joanne@joannehastie.com