Art that inspires Outdoor Adventure

Joanne Hastie paints the forest views from her time on her mountain bike.

Bring the experience of the Pacific Northwest forest into your space.
Your walls will remind you to get outside again.

Hi, I'm Joanne!

"I am excited to share my forest paintings with you.

I have always made time to paint and bike. Spending time biking in the North Vancouver forest, I have always been compelled to paint the views. Painting the sunlight, vivid green moss and towering trees to capture the feeling in the forest.

Cycling is a significant part of my life. Prior to becoming a professional artist, I worked in the bike industry in various roles including a R&D engineer developing mountain bike frames & as a marketing director leading road cycling events. Combining my art practice with cycling allows me to spend even more time in the forest and attempt to communicate its beauty to inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors more.

I hope this work brings that feeling of adventure and freedom you feel when you are in the trails."

Paintings & Prints

Painting the light

As my work progresses, I consistently make time to go to the trails, which inspired more paintings.


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From the studio (and the trails)