Moment in the Forest

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 This painting was inspired from one of my plein air (outdoor) painting adventures on Mount Seymour. After completing two paintings. I sat on a log in this spot. This is a 180 degree view of the trees and light surrounding me in the moment. I had brought a thermos of coffee along. I had no where to be just collecting inspiration for this collection of work. So I enjoyed being fully surrounded by lichen, moss and branches. I hope this set of two painting also brings you a moment.

This painting is part of the 'Time to Explore' collection released in June 2022.

Time to Explore collection is a reminder to you to make time to explore nature. More than making just enough time to park at the trail head, start your Strava app and race through a planned route. But time to spend a moment exploring, looking, deviating from the route and taking it in.

"Our encounters with nature can be poignant because they remind us that nature is something we are always meaning to get more interested in, but rarely get around to attending to." ~ Alain de Botton in the book Art as Therapy


Details about this painting

This is a set of two acrylic paintings on canvas. The canvas is gallery wrapped (1.5" thick) and I continue the painting around the edges (as shown in the photo).  It can be hung on a wall with or without a frame. The left painting is signed in paint on the front "JHastie" and signed and dated on the back. I signed the second painting on the edge as per the photos. The painting comes with hanging wire and hardware. I varnish with gloss varnish.

Joanne Hastie original 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 24" x 2


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