This page has a few of my favorite products along with affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy the item. I only include products that I love and/or use consistently in my art studio. I will be creating posts and YouTube videos about some of these products. So if you have questions, please email me so I can answer them in my content.


I use WHOOP this to monitor my Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a marker of recovery which is important to assess how much you can take on each day. I want to have energy for both my creative practice AND my hard training rides. I love that I can daily journal my habits and see what small tweaks will actually maximize my sleep and in turn improve my recovery so I can bike harder tomorrow.

Get a free WHOOP 4.0 and one month free when you join with my link:


I love Zwift! I've been using it since 2018 and have cycled over 11,000km on my trainer. If you sign up through my link you get your first month free!


Custom Frame Canada

Custom Frame Canada builds your frame with the exact height and width that you need and cuts the glass/plexi/board. I've bought several sized frames from them and they work great! Shipping was fast and price was better than my usual art store or big box store.

Here is the referral link to their shop. I get a small commission for each frame sold.


Art to Print

I get A LOT of questions about printing. Most of it is from my 16 years of running a business and owning a printer every step of the way. I bought my first Epson art printer in 2006 and sold prints in 2 shops in Kamloops BC. Since then I've done print-on-demand and bought my own large format printer. Despite having experience in print I took Laurie Ann Gonzalez's course Art-to-Print. Printing is such a valuable but time consuming aspect of my business I want any tips I can to improve my business. Laurie's course has a lot of good information. 

Here is the referral link to her course:


My Amazon Shop

Products I use including:

  • 4XL Dymo LabelWriter - click here
  • XRite i1Studio for monitor & print calibration - click here
  • Xrite Color Checker to adjust color in painting photos - click here
  • Acrylic paint sets, mediums, palette (see shop below)
  • Canon IP8720 along with paper and ink for my small printer
  • My robot arm from my 2018-2020 tech art work - click here
  • Epson V600 Scanner - click here

And more!

To check out the full shop: click here


Halfmoon Yoga

You get $15 off and I get $15 off for referring you! I highly recommend their Restorative Bolster. click here


NEEWER Photography Equipment

I use their boom light stands to position my lights as well as their reflectors. I also use their tripod adaptors to make outdoor painting equipment work. Click Here