Varley Trail no. 11

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Inspiration behind this painting

This is an original painting of the Varley Trail in Lynn Valley BC.

In the summer of 2017, I consistently did a trail run through Varley Trail in Vancouver BC. The trail is named after Group of Seven artist Frederick Varley whose Lynn Valley home is nearby. I created a series of 14 paintings from those runs. This is painting number 11.

This painting is one of the remaining pieces I own and I decided to include it in my new series "Forest Light" released in 2021. As although it wasn't painted in 2021 it was sitting with the collection as reference to past work. 


Where is it in Lynn Valley?

I am often asked where this view is on the North Shore Mountains. I created a pdf map of my paintings. Sign up for my newsletter and I will email you the latest pdf map of my trail paintings.



Details of this painting

This painting is on 3/4" thick canvas stretchers.

Joanne Hastie original
Acrylic on Canvas 
18" x 14"


Prints of this painting

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